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Management indicators

With the increasing developments in healthcare, associated costs, the aging population and changes in legal requirements, hospital managers require an analytical solution, able to integrate all the information generated in their organization.

The Business Intelligence concept emerged in hospital organizations to address the problem of treating and processing the huge amounts of data generated in the field of health, transforming them into information and knowledge that is useful for professionals, while enabling quick, shared and interactive access to information, as well as its analysis and manipulation.

Overall, Business Intelligence systems represent a set of technologies and applications that act on the collection, analysis and dissemination of existing data, working as a support to decision-making.

Glintt's Business Intelligence and Analytics solution aims to provide its managers with a proper and creative vision focused on their business, facilitating the optimization of cost management strategies and operations management, ensuring regulatory compliance requirements and quality of the healthcare services provided.

There are several benefits linked to it, in particular: the higher level of compliance with the contractual funding, support in negotiating with insurers and measuring the impact of future changes in production units.