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Pharmacy and Logistics

The rigorous health market requires integrated, complete and updated solutions that allow managing all information produced in a hospital organization.  

The aggregation and processing of such information require efficient and effective solutions prepared to provide answers to the different stakeholders. 

The GLOBALCARE multi-platform solution aims to accompany the technological evolution in a growing market of accelerated development and to respond to the permanent challenges, being prepared to respond to the different stakeholders. 

In support to clinical decision-making, the GLOBALCARE solution covers important areas such as complementary means of diagnosis and therapy, the pharmacy - considered the epicentre of pharmacists' action, and the logistics that optimize the pharmaceutical and supply services, ensuring response to the clinical area and a proper work base. 

The Pharmacy and Logistics module aims to support all stakeholders participating in the circuit of medication and to ensure an efficient management of the entire logistic flow in terms of goods and services. 

With a responsive design and guarantee of a high level of usability, interactivity, optimization and user-experience, this module allows a complete and accessible management of the Hospital Pharmacy.