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Technology Consulting

Today information systems are vital to help health units respond to their daily challenges of management, budget, relationship with the patient and quality of health services provided, being present in all critical processes of the organization, such as hospital admission, hospitalization, registration of complications, adverse events, booking and carrying out additional means of diagnosis and therapy, drug prescription, requesting drugs from the pharmacy, discharge reports, among others.​

The adoption of information and communications technologies in health care is currently seen as an opportunity to increase not only the effectiveness, efficiency and quality of health services but also the transparency of economic activities and the availability of information in real time. 

On the other hand, the increased use of information technology as an aid in the optimization of business processes has allowed hospital organizations to better understand the various aspects of their business performance through monitoring and analysis of the processes involved.

The significant use of information technology in health should allow for improved performance and increased productivity of health care providers and improved safety of the patient in an era of medicine based on evidence, where clinical data represents essential knowledge for health professionals.