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HIMSS Consulting

Glintt is the first Portuguese company to achieve the HIMSS certification in the EMRAM (Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model) model, through the expertise of 24 consultants.

This hospital evaluation model has several advantages for health units, contributing to the reduction of clinical errors, reduction of readmission rates, increased productivity, profitability of human resources costs, among others.

The EMRAM model was developed by the HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society), a non-profit institution dedicated to promoting the improvement of health care through the adoption and continuous optimization of information and communication technologies (ICT). It is one of the HIMSS-Analytics models that aims to help hospital administrations, IT executives and clinical staff to compare and measure their progress in the adoption of ICT, contributing to the reduction of clinical errors and the profitability of human resources.

The execution of the HIMSS-EMRAM assessment allows the hospital to clearly identify its position vis-à-vis its peers and define the short, medium and long-term evolution strategy. The positioning of hospitals is done on a 7-stage scale, with stages 6 and 7 being widely recognized and disseminated internationally.

There are currently 51 stage 6 hospitals in Europe and four stage 7 hospitals. In the Iberian Peninsula there are 14 stage 6 hospitals, one of them in Portugal - Cascais Hospital - and a stage 7 hospital in the Valencia region.​

With this certification, Glintt adds to its vast portfolio of consulting services, the recognized ability to perform GAP Analysis in hospitals. The IT multinational is the first Portuguese company with this certification, and is able to support hospitals in identifying the points for improvement that will allow them to reach the highest state of digital maturity.​