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Diagnostic Consulting

Because knowledge must precede action.

The Diagnostic Consulting process consists of collecting quantitative and qualitative data for subsequent analysis by the SCGF Consultant.

This ultimate goal of this process is to identify goals, opportunities for improvement and focus areas, to be addressed during the project stage. This information will be included in a report, to be delivered to the pharmacy for their consideration.

During the initial stage, the SCGF Consultant will analyse economic and financial indicators, in order to gain an insight into the business. The Consultant will also assess sales and marketing, by analysing sales area management, products, campaigns, etc., as well as purchases, including the respective costs, and market data. Finally, the SCGF Consultant will analyse human resource management, by collecting data on teams, functions, tasks and performance evaluation, amongst other issues. Any factors that may negatively impact core process efficiency and procedure effectiveness will also be identified.

Once the diagnostic stage has been completed, the SCGF Consultant will design a customised plan, which will be proposed to the pharmacy.