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Physical Design & Automation

Bring your Pharmacy to life.

​​​From branding to designing innovative projects, our goal is to help bring pharmacies to life and provide impactful and unforgettable in-store experience to its customers.

We offer a multitude of services ranging from: conception and execution, licensing and project management, specialized furniture for both front and back office, cabling and infrastructures and lighting. 

We provide pharmacies with the best equipment and automation solutions that bring quality and efficiency to every day-to-day activity, revolutionizing the way customers conceptualize the whole shopping experience. 

With a very rich portfolio with over 10 different categories of solutions, we're able to cover all areas of the business everyday activities. From automation solutions, to cash management solutions, logistics and storage, refrigerators, lab equipment, equipment for in-store services (vaccination, massages, appointments) and many more.