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We hold 80% of the Portuguese market share. Our solution is used in 75% of hospital beds and over 50% of private healthcare facilities.

GLOBALCARE is a Hospital software specifically designed and developed by Glintt. To dream, to innovate, to challenge, to anticipate, to transform and to renew are all part of our DNA. These goals motivate and challenge our dedicated team, composed of more than 150 professionals specialised in the healthcare area.

Our vast knowledge of the market and the relationships we have built with our partners, based on reliability and trust, allow us to understand what is truly relevant and have taught us how to turn our know-how into sustainable, valuable solutions. As a result, GLOBALCARE is currently a leading solution in the Portuguese market. 

We also operate in Angola and Brazil, where we have been granted an Electronic Medical Records System certification (S-RES) by the Brazilian Healthcare IT Association (Sociedade Brasileira de Informática para a Saúde – SBIS). With this certification, the GLOBALCARE solution currently complies with Brazilian quality standards and ICP-Brazil digital certificate signature and authentication requirements, allowing the use of electronic documents.

The GLOBALCARE hospital management software consists of 4 product lines: HMS - Hospital Management System; Clinical; Pharma & Logistics; and BI&A – Business Intelligence & Analytics. These products cover virtually all hospital activities and meet the needs of all hospital teams. Able to be integrated and communicate with other systems, GLOBALCARE can be provided as a complete software package or as a modular solution, according to business needs.

As with high-quality medical services, technology alone will not ensure optimal results. Without the human element, even the most advanced technology will fail to address basic issues. As such, it is essential to focus on people – their needs, capabilities and behaviours, taking usual practices and each specific context into account. 

In this sense, we are updating the GLOBALCARE solution in order to address mobility and responsiveness issues, in line with the patient-centricity paradigm.

Our goal is to improve the everyday lives of millions of people. We know that every time we improve a process, we are starting yet another. Continuous improvement is what gives purpose to our work and challenges us to always do better.