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An integrated solution to support and simplify your business, allowing you to fully control your assets.

This product is the result of a shift from the traditional asset management model, based on maintenance, to an integrated management model. The huge transformation undergone by management and exploitation processes has been translated into a solution that facilitates the decision-making process, based on deterministic, reliable indicators. 

The goal of the gmac.2 solution is to change the asset management paradigm, by introducing a mobile, dematerialised process. Operating as a centralised information platform, its distributed use facilitates information flow and increases asset management efficiency, in terms of Quality, Exploitation, Safety, Energy and Maintenance.  

An innovative EAM solution, for intelligent asset management.

Boasting an evolving architecture, gmac.2 is a unique solution that meets present and future demands: designed with mobility in mind, gmac.2 can be adapted to the needs of your business, simplifying and speeding up processes and reducing costs.