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Intelligent inventory reporting and dynamic warehouse management are some of KnowLogis' added value.

​​In a partnership with the Institute of Systems and Computer Engineering, Technology and Science, Glintt developed KnowLogis - an intelligent system that helps prevent stock-outs in Hospitals and Pharmacies, contributing to hospital efficiency and improving health care delivery.

Designed to respond to the complexity of inventory management of pharmaceutical products and clinical consumables in a hospital environment, it has been in use at the Vila Nova de Gaia/Espinho Hospital Center since the end of 2020.​

"The burden of hospital logistics and stock management was huge and complex. The existing solutions did not allow a dynamic approach to data analysis, as would be necessary to respond to the logistics issues identified by the hospital. With this intelligent dashboard, we foresee a reduction of the average inventory value by at least 10%, as well as a reduction in the time spent throughout the process, from detecting a need to placing an order by at least 20%, and an improvement in the operational efficiency of hospital logistics, increasing the level of service and thus providing better healthcare", says Daniela Silva Maia, member of the Board of Directors of the Vila Nova de Gaia/Espinho Hospital Centre.

In order to contribute to the development of the platform's analytical engine, INESC TEC used advanced methods of systems engineering and operational research, such as simulation, optimisation and forecasting which help in the management, prediction of needs, monitoring and coordination of the charges for medicines, medical devices and materials, facilitating decision-making in hospital logistics​.

The intelligent inventory report and dynamic warehouse management are some of the added values of KnowLogis, which began to be developed by Glintt and INESC TEC in June 2017, and is already in production with effective returns for the hospital. This system automatically analyses the evolution of clinical material and medicine stocks, incorporating historical data and suggesting supply policies (cycle and safety stock, replenishment cycle, among others).​

In addition to producing this type of information, KnowLogis also offers advantages in the financial field, by monitoring and adjusting the budget, as well as coordinating purchases. If there is currently no automatic coordination between budget adjustments and operational decisions, with this solution it will be possible to monitor and correct budget deviations and simulate the financial impact of operational changes.

Supported by COMPETE 2020 under the RTD Incentives System, in the co-promotion component, the KnowLogis project involved an eligible investment of 532 thousand euros and a ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) incentive of 332 thousand euros.​​​

See the video about KnowLogis below: