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A challenge for hospitals and the ecosystem.

Our solution enhances the ability of hospital managers and staff to take the best decision to allocate the right bed, to the right patient at the right time.

Bed space and the ability to move people through it day by day, hour by hour, lie at the heart of quality care, performance targets and patients satisfaction.

In recent years the need for beds has risen as the number available has flatlined, bringing the problem to crisis points:

  • Increase in bed blocking due to late social discharges
  • Increase in trolley waits
  • Increase in surgery cancelation due to bed unavailability
  • Accident and Emergency services closed 
  • Delays in discharges to nursing and community care due to poor communication and interoperability

Glintt's WiseWard solution provides real time suggestions of the optimal actions to be undertaken considering clinical data, patient flows, the existing capacity and the hospital and its ecosystem operation model.

It is built to support decisions that will optimise operations with impact in efficiency, service levels and quality of care.

With a real-time automated rationing simulator with learning ability, it embeds each hospital bed management lessons learned and best practices.

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