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Social Responsibility

​'Solidarity is built on the true, honest sharing of gifts and skills. Comunidade Vida e Paz (Life and Peace Community) is grateful for all the help and material donations received from Glintt and their employees, as these are the gifts that fuel our hope and allow us to help others live a dignified life'.

Henrique Joaquim - Chairman of the Board | Comunidade Vida e Paz​

Glintt has and encourages a culture of social and corporate responsibility, having published in its Policy "Responsible Glintt", a set of commitments assumed by the Group to respond to concerns in social, economic and environmental matters.​

The 3 pillars:

We are economically responsible
1. Ensuring transparency and rigor in business and in the information provided.
2. Promote possible and necessary actions to mitigate acts of bribery, extortion and/or corruption.
3. Promote the participation of interested parties, considering their expectations and values ​​in decision-making.

We are socially responsible
4. Support and respect human rights, protect the right to work and promote a balance between the professional and family spheres.
5. Promote and encourage participation in corporate volunteering activities.
6. Promote the development of the Communities where it operates, through social investment and philanthropic actions.

We are environmentally responsible
7. Preserve the environment and promote the adoption of environmentally responsible procedures along the value chain.
8. Ensure proper routing of waste generated by the activity and promote their recycling and/or reuse.