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Social Responsibility

'Solidarity is built on the true, honest sharing of gifts and skills. Comunidade Vida e Paz (Life and Peace Community) is grateful for all the help and material donations received from Glintt and their employees, as these are the gifts that fuel our hope and allow us to help others live a dignified life'.

Henrique Joaquim - Chairman of the Board | Comunidade Vida e Paz

Focusing on sustainable growth, Glintt recognises the need for a company culture based on clear social responsibility principles. As such, we encourage the integration of social and environmental concerns into our operations and management strategies. We acknowledge that these principles will ultimately ensure the long-term survival and success of our organisation and of the communities where we operate. For this reason, Glintt spares no effort to promote good social responsibility practices, based on values such as equality, sharing, entrepreneurship, creativity, passion for knowledge and team spirit. These values not only create a better working environment, but also foster interactions between the company, its employees and the community, leading to value creation and helping to build a sustainable future for all.