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Glintt adds features to Globalcare in order to meet patients’ dietary needs

Food Choice Record and Assessment of Intake are the two new modules added to Glintt’s GLOBALCARE Clinical – Diet solution.


It is possible to design and monitor diet plans suited to patient preferences by relying on optimised multiplatform solutions, based on BPOC – Barcode Point of Care – technology and focused on mobility.

Implemented in 33 healthcare facilities, the Food Choice Record and Assessment of Intake modules allow for significant cost cuts and the early detection of malnutrition, thus reducing waste and helping to prevent dietary errors.

The Food Choice Record module provides healthcare professionals with an overview of patients' choices and diets, in addition to helping them provide useful information and motivate patients to follow their diet plans. Moreover, this module allows patients to become involved in their diet plans by making informed choices, suited to their dietary requirements and treatment, which results in increased patient satisfaction and better perception of the service provided.

The Assessment of Intake module ensures that patients are put on the correct diet and given the right meals by reading barcodes on patients' bracelets (BPOC – Barcode Point of Care), .

This interoperational module automates and audits the meal distribution and delivery process by controlling all stages, from the plating up of meals to process management, thus ensuring traceability and minimising the risk of errors.

Boasting a strong presence in Portugal and Spain, Glintt strives to improve the health and wellness of society at large. As a leading technology and service company in the Healthcare market, the Portuguese IT company seeks to respond to the challenges faced by the Healthcare sector, by offering innovative solutions, based on the experience gained over the years, in a wide range of activity sectors.​