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Glintt implements GlobalCare at Unimed and strengthens its position in the Brazilian market

Glintt has implemented its hospital management software – Globalcare – at UNIMED Vitória, thus contributing to improving service quality at one of the many institutional groups that compose the world’s biggest cooperative healthcare system.

System reorganisation was a pressing need for UNIMED Vitória, so far forced to rely on a vastly unsuitable model, whose scope failed to include many essential aspects.

The ability to systemise and simplify processes and ensure information is easily accessible to all users are some of the advantages brought by Glintt's hospital management software, which centralises information and allows the creation of a sole Electronic Medical Process. By adopting this solution, UNIMED Vitória will be able to ensure continuous improvement, on functional and technological levels, as well as suitability and coordination between the various areas, in a flexible, safe manner, taking their specific characteristics into account.

In addition to benefitting from a comprehensive patient overview (administrative, financial and medical) and from the mobility allowed by the EPR Multiplatform version, UNIMED Vitória teams will now be able to use a series of valuable tools, which will not only allow them to view operational management information, in real time, but also to control the medicinal product circuit. The ultimate goal is to bring focus back to patients, by eliminating redundant processes and reducing the time spent to collate management data.

The Oncology service was the first to implement the system, with other services being set to follow. The system is expected to be implemented at the Unimed Hospital, which includes six specialty clinics (Outpatient Clinics), the Unimed Diagnostic Service (Radiology/Imaging Clinic), the Day Hospital and Maternity, Viver Unimed (Healthcare Education and Prevention), PERSONAL (Primary Healthcare – four clinics) and the UAHU (Outpatient Clinic – Basic Emergency Services).

Unimed Vitória is part of the world's biggest cooperative healthcare system and of Brazil's largest healthcare network, which covers 84% of the country's territory.

One of Unimed's ten biggest institutional groups, Unimed Vitória is a leading organisation in healthcare planning. With a staff of over 2,000 and employing 2,320 clinicians, Unimed Vitória offers approximately 60 medical specialties to 324,000 patients.​