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Glintt becomes a member of one of Europe’s biggest health consortiums – the EIT Health

To garner the huge potential of the industry, research and education sectors and to develop solutions that will improve quality of life and promote healthcare sustainability in Europe are the main goals of the EIT Health consortium.

A community composed of over 140 major partners from 14 countries, including companies, research centres and universities, the EIT Health consortium focuses on innovation and knowledge, seeking to advance the fields of healthy living and active ageing.

The consortium strives to create the necessary conditions to address European challenges, for the ultimate purpose of improving health and wellness, particularly by focusing on prevention. At the least, the consortium seeks to increase the life expectancy and quality of life of European citizens, as well as ensure healthcare system sustainability, i.e. to achieve better quality of life while controlling costs.

By the end of 2018, the EIT Health expects to launch 90 new products and services per year, as well as build 70 start-ups and provide advanced training to one million students in issues related to healthy living and active ageing.

Joining this consortium represents a major accomplishment for Glintt, as the group now benefits from the opportunity of working alongside Europe's biggest healthcare institutions, companies, hospitals, clinics and research centres, in addition to being in a privileged position to observe the best practices in this area and participate in the development of new ideas, pilot projects and solutions.

To Glintt, being part of the EIT Health is synonymous with being able to follow innovation in health, prevention and wellness. Moreover, it represents an opportunity to develop and test new solutions, as the consortium will seek to bring healthcare sector players together and facilitate access to European markets.