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Glintt responds to market demands, improves EAM platform and creates gmac.2

Having operated in the EAM market for more than 15 years, Glintt has recently made a strategic investment and increased its focus on EAM by expanding its product and service offer.

The development of an innovative product for the EAM segment, named gmac.2, has provided this market with a unique, remarkable solution that will help businesses achieve internationalisation and growth.

Glintt has simultaneously reviewed and updated its EAM service portfolio. Although representing a perfect complement for gmac.2, the newly improved services can be provided separately. Glintt provides a comprehensive range of services, including asset inventory; process analysis, design and optimisation; and maintenance plan consulting, amongst others. This integrated EAM offer has allowed Glintt to stand out from its competitors, by providing clients with customised solutions that help reduce costs and optimise business.

The challenge faced by Glintt consists essentially of being able to implement systems that suit the individual processes of each organisation and meet the needs of each client, based on adequate technologies. In this sense, the best compromise may be reached through a unique platform that will provide each user with the information they expect, at the right time.

An integrated platform is key in asset management processes.

Asset management processes involve various categories of users, with different skills and responsibilities, operating in different areas. In order to support these interactions, processes are required to meet a series of technical and functional requirements.

In other words, processes must be able to meet the demands of many different users, from a client needing to report a ticket to a technician searching for specific information to perform a given task; a manager responsible for managing contracts, costs and risk exposure; and service providers/suppliers needing to provide quotes and record jobs, just to name a few. All in all, this represents a challenge, broth from functional and technical standpoints.

The ability to design adaptable platforms and interfaces that not only meet specific market requirements, but are also capable of collecting the right data and interacting with the systems and infrastructures on which users rely on a daily basis, represents a huge and constant challenge for IT system providers, both on functional and technical levels, as the systems involved are required to feature web interfaces, run on multiple platforms and include notification features that will provide managers with the right information – at the right time – to make the best decisions.

​Sparing no effort to respond to key demands, Glintt has developed a project implementation methodology and created an innovative product – gmac.2.