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João Paulo Cabecinha joins Glintt management team

João Paulo Cabecinha is the latest manager to be recruited by the Portuguese IT multinational, which seeks to strengthen its position in the markets where it operates.


The new manager of the Products and Operations Unit, João Paulo Cabecinha will be running several Glintt Group companies. His mission will be to develop the Glintt product portfolio and increase operational efficiency and capability.

With 26 years of experience and an MBA in Management, João Paulo Cabecinha has left Portugal Telecom (PT) to join Glintt. Holding a Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Lisbon School of Engineering (IST), João Paulo Cabecinha occupied several management positions in companies such as Arthur D. Little, PT Prime, PT SI, TMN and Vortal.

Boasting a vast proprietary product (software) portfolio, the Products Unit is responsible for managing, designing and developing Glintt software for several market segments. Other responsibilities include the provision of functional and technical support to Glintt products, as well as corrective maintenance and database activity monitoring. The Products Unit focuses on software development, as part of the value chain, aligning processes and ensuring a continuous information flow between the various areas.

The Operations Unit provides helpdesk, system and equipment support services to Glintt's clients, as well as infrastructure management services. This unit is also responsible for the management and integration of infrastructure, layout design and image projects.​