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​An intelligent decision-making platform, developed within the scope of Glintt's application to the 2020 Programme, has made Glintt the leading company in hospital logistics transformation.

Glintt has designed KnowLogis, in partnership with INESCTEC, for the purpose of facilitating decision making in hospital logistics. This solution makes this possible through an intelligent dashboard, which assists users with management, needs forecasting and monitoring and coordination of medicinal products and medical supply costs.  

This need was identified by Glintt, which, together with the INESCTEC Engineering and Industrial Management Centre – a leading institution in the field of logistics – and relevant users from the public, public-private and private sectors, submitted an application to the 2020 Programme. 

Intelligent inventory reporting and dynamic warehouse management are amongst the best features of KnowLogis. The system automatically analyses stock level changes for medical supplies and medicinal products, based on historical data and scheduled procedures (e.g. surgical procedures), and suggests procurement policies (cycle and safety stocks, dedicated areas, restocking cycle, etc.).  

In addition to providing this information, KnowLogis offers financial advantages, by monitoring and adjusting budgets, as well as coordinating purchases. If no IT system is currently in place to coordinate budget adjustments and operational decisions, this solution will monitor and correct budget deviations and simulate the financial impact of operational changes.  

KnowLogis was submitted to the 2020 Programme and accepted: kick-off is expected to occur in 2017, whereas Project completion forecasts point towards the end of 2019. 

Boasting a strong presence in Portugal and Spain, Glintt strives to improve the health and wellness of society at large. As a leading technology and service company in the Healthcare market, the Portuguese IT company seeks to respond to the challenges faced by the Healthcare sector, by offering innovative solutions, based on the experience gained over the years, in a wide range of activity sectors. Glintt expects to increase its investment in innovative solutions for the Healthcare Market in 2017.