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Sandra Lino is Glintt’s new Pharma Market Manager

Sandra Lino is the latest professional to be recruited by the Portuguese IT multinational.

Sandra Lino, the new Pharma Market Manager, will be responsible for defining policies and setting goals for this business unit, identifying business opportunities, coordinating teams and managing the pharma budget. Sandra Lino is the third professional to be employed by Glintt as part of a strategic recruitment initiative, joining Nuno Fórneas and João Paulo Cabecinha.

In addition to holding a Pharmaceutical Sciences Degree from the University of Lisbon School of Pharmacy, Sandra Lino has completed a Post-graduation Course in Medicinal and Healthcare Product Evaluation and Regulatory Framework at the same institution and holds an MBA from the AESE Business School. Over her 17 years of experience, Sandra Lino has managed a large number of projects, occupied management positions at the Portuguese National Association of Pharmacies (ANF) and collaborated with the Kaiser Permanente Drug Information Services, in the United States.

As the former Executive Manager of the ANF Medicinal Product Information Centre, Sandra Lino and her team of 50 professionals provided valuable support with the formation and internationalisation of several ANF group companies, in addition to accomplishing several other goals. Sandra Lino was also responsible for managing all of the group's information platforms.

One of Glintt's business units, the Pharma Market focuses primarily on the Pharmacy sector. Its mission is to provide Pharmacies with a comprehensive range of products and services, by focusing on every relevant aspect of the Pharmacy business, from architecture, robotic solutions and IT to image and communications.​