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Glintt Management Policy​

Quality, Innovation, Security and Privacy.

"Build, with Clients and Partners, technological, innovative and useful solutions that contribute to the sustained progress of organizations." To fulfill this Mission, we have defined a Glintt Management Policy that is based on eight commitments:​

1. Clients: Glintt is committed to developing innovative, competitive, integrated solutions, using state-of-the-art technologies to reduce their complexity and improving their management, for the ultimate purpose of providing our clients with competitive advantages.

2. Employees: Glintt is committed to creating an environment of appreciation and professional development, encouraging its employees to translate their skills, creativity and experience into creating value through day-to-day activities and to actively participate in improving organization and in the innovation process. We continually seek to improve the working conditions of our employees, allowing for inclusion, diversity, gender equality and the reconciliation of professional and personal life.

3. Shareholders: Glintt is committed to ensuring profitability through effective and efficient resource management, according to ethical principles.

4. Partners: Glintt is committed to fostering team spirit and working in close collaboration with strategic partners, for the ultimate purpose of finding the best solutions for our Clients.

5. Suppliers: Glintt is committed to building strong, stable relationships with suppliers, based on mutual trust.

6. Security: Glintt is committed to defending and respecting the principles of Information Security, Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability, in accordance with the Group's Global Information Security Policy.

7. Innovation: Glintt is committed to encouraging knowledge acquisition and sharing, and to developing "Glintt Solutions" that reflect our experience and our attentiveness to market, technology and business trends. We participate actively in IT research and development projects.

8. Continuous improvement: Glintt is committed to focusing on results and overcoming increasingly difficult challenges, with a view to providing more effective, efficient services. Moreover, the company is committed to adopting clear, strict operating and control procedures, in addition to ensuring that all processes, objectives and targets are periodically reviewed, such as to eliminate superfluous items and strengthen strategic aspects. Glintt seeks to continually improve its Management System and to ensure strict compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and applicable standards, by anticipating and correcting failures and errors. All in all, we spare no effort to achieve excellence and improve service quality.

The Management​

Quality Management System

The Glintt Quality Management System implements the principles defined in its management policy through the standardization of processes that adjust practices and ensure the necessary requirements for the functioning of the organization, especially in the critical aspects of its activity and in the pursuit of its objectives. The scope of the Quality Management System certification, according to the ISO 9001:2015 benchmark, for each of the Glintt companies is identified below:

Glintt –​ Business Solutions, Lda.:
Pre-service, Helpdesk, Technical Support, Pharmacy Hardware and Software Support. Pharmacy Design, Installation and Remodelling.

Glintt GIT – Global Intelligent Technologies, S.A.:
Commercialization, planning, implementation and after-sales support of standard management solutions.
Commercialization, design, development, integration, implementation and support of application solutions.
Implementation and after-sales support of solutions in the area of ​​information technologies including networks, computer security and infrastructure management.
Information systems architecture and planning consulting services.​

Glintt - Healthcare Solutions, S.A.:
Design, Development, Marketing, Implementation, Maintenance and Support of IT Solutions and Applications for the Healthcare sector.

Information Security Management System

Glintt has implemented an Information Security Management System, successfully certified according to the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 as companies:

Glintt HS – Healthcare Solutions, S.A.:
Commercial management of technological consulting projects and computer solutions or applications for the health area.​

Glintt GIT – Global Intelligent Technologies, S.A.:
Management of accesses and authentications in production, to the transversal technological systems in the ANF Group.

RDI Management System

Glintt Inov has implemented an RDI (Research, Development and Innovation) Management System that is certified, according to the NP 4457:2007 reference, in the following scope: Research, development and innovation in the technical and scientific fields of information and communication sciences.

Glintt positions itself in the market as a company that is attentive to the state of the art and is able to transform technological innovation into knowledge and this into value, both for the organization and for our customers. In this way, Glintt intends to contribute to improving the levels of Health and Well-being in the society in which we live.​

Medical Device Management System

Glintt has implemented a Medical Device Management System that is certified, according to the NP EN ISO 13485:2017 benchmark, for companies:

Glintt HS – Healthcare Solutions, S.A.:
Design, development, updating, marketing, provision of services and support, including installation of the Calculator and Alarm Modules for Globalcare and the Calculator and Alarm Module for Viewer.​​